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Iterating UserProfiles in Shared Service Provider (SSP) This article deals with retrieving user profiles of all the user that exists in shared service provider. There may be many scenarios where you need to iterate through all the userprofiles that exist in ssp. There is no such method available out of the box in MOSS where you can get list of user in Shared Service Provider. In order to iterate each profile in shared service provider we need to use Ienumerators I had a scenario where I need to activate features on all the mysites that exist. In order to activate feature on individuals mysite, I first need to check whether the user has a mysite and then activate the feature. When you are trying Read more [...]

The main theme of this article is to retrive the list of sites to which a user belongs. In a publishing sharepoint site , you have a hyperlink called “My Links”at the top right side of the site, when you click on this link you will get a drop down menu for “My Sharepoint Site”. If you are not getting this then you have not been added to the sites member group. After verifying if you find that you exist in a Sites member group and still the My Sharepoint Sites links are not getting populated in that case wait for few hours or a day. Microsoft has a time job which updates a users My Sharepoint Sites. I wanted to create a custom menu where I can show a list of site to which a user belongs. Read more [...]