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Hi guys, The much awaited service pack 2 for wss 3.0 and MOSS 2007 is been realsed and is available for download Here are some of the expected highlights for the SharePoint Area provided by the SharePoint Technical Product Managers: Improved Read-only Content Databases Whenever a content database is marked read-only, all of the site collections in that database are automatically marked as read-only. ECM Performance and Manageability Improvements Improved performance and manageability in variations, including STSADM commands for repairing links between source and target pages. Improved Index Rebuild Timer Jobs SharePoint content databases running in SQL Server 2005 will Read more [...]

Microsoft has updated the Windows Sharepoint Services SDK and Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server SDK. You can download the SDK from the below link 1. Download Windows Sharepoint Services SDK  2. Download Microsfot Office Sharepoint Server SDK Online Read more [...]

MOSS FEATURE GENERATOR is  one of the most useful tool i found on codeplex,  but i found very few articles on how to  use it. This article describes in brief on how to  use MOSS FEATURE GENERATOR TOOL. Let me describe what moss feature generator does? It helps in creating feature for list document libray  and many more things. It reduces the development effort for creating a feature for a list which as been created using OOB UI. Recently when we had to create a list using feature, all of us know that creating and modifying schema.xml is a pain and time consuming. After seeign this tool on codeplex i was very happy to use it. Given below are the steps to create a list feature. Step Read more [...]

hi guys.... here's a great news for all sharePopint developers.... Microsoft as officialy announced SharePoint Designer 2007  is free download now...Regitration is required to download it,to downlload click here Nice to see that Microsoft is moving slowly towards Open Source, it has also annoucend ASP.NET MVC as Open Source under MS-PL.The framework, which brings a Rails-like model-view-controller paradigm to ASP.NET, can now be used on Linux.  you can start dowloading it from here Read more [...]