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Site Templates : Are snapshots of sites at a point in time. When a user customizes a site from the UI or SPD, the custom template consists of the difference between the original state of the site (determined by its definition) and the state of the site or list when the custom template is generated. Custom templates remain tied to a particular site definition (for example, the site definition for SharePoint Web sites or Meeting Workspace Web sites), so that if the site definition is not present or is changed, the custom template cannot work. Site Definitions : As the name implies, A Site definition is "core definition of a site" . Each site definition emerges through a combination of files Read more [...]

Before i start describing about the version number in assembly, lets understand why we need them. Much before Microsoft released .Net Framework, thats in the era of Visual Basic, Most of the developers had problem in maintaining different version of DLL once deployed in GAC(Global Assembly Cache) and this problem was called has DLL HELL PROBLEM . In order to come up with this issues microsoft introduced versioning of assembly. Versioning on assembly can be done only if they have strong name. In order to place assembly in GAC it must have a strong name. An assembly can have version information in 2 ways 1. The assembly's version number, which, together with the assembly name and culture Read more [...]

Finally the new search engine rather i can say it has a updated version of Windows live is called as BING... BINGO you got what you where looking for!!!. Its into beta release, in the next 12 month Microsoft his going to update the Bing with new features. All the features of Bing currently are not available across the world.so if you want to have look at the full version of Bing, go to this page and set English - US as your default region. You can now enjoy all the Bing features from anywhere. There is a lot of improvement in the Search engine compared to live but not definitely a Google Killer. So for few days i will be using Bing lets see weather i will stick to it or move back to Google. 1. Read more [...]