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Last month the updated version of SharePoint Guidance for Developing SharePoint Application has been released. I didn’t get much time to explore this but thought of blogging it, may be in near future I will explore and blog few things about it. Here’s the brief description about the goals behind this release. You can download the latest version here This goal of patterns & practices Developing SharePoint Applications guidance is to help customers understand how to develop large scale, content-driven SharePoint applications that extend the value of existing line of business systems. We achieve this goal through the Partner Portal reference implementation and general guidance. We Read more [...]

Here in this post I will be talking on Linked Sources in SharePoint. To begin with I will give a brief introduction on different data source library. In SharePoint there is a repository for all the data sources known as Data Source Library. It’s a location where we can manage and access different data sources. All the data sources present here can be accessed using SharePoint Designer. Given below are the lists of data sources available. 1. SharePoint Lists: All the lists in a SharePoint site reside here. 2. SharePoint Libraries: Consist of libraries across the SharePoint Site. 3. Database Connections: database for all the SharePoint Site. 4. XML Files: Files used across SharePoint. 5. Read more [...]

I am sure most of the SharePoint developers would have come across the most common error page i.e. UnKnown Error Page while developing some custom web parts in SharePoint. In this post I am going to talk about 2 different ways to display exception details on the UnKnown Error Page. Method 1: Turning the mode On/Off/RemoteOnly mode for the CustomErrors attribute in the web.config file. This is the most common way of displaying the exception details on the UnKnown error page. Method 2: The other approach to catch this exception detail is by using this wonderful tool named Rapid-tools. There are 4 components in this tool which increase a developer’s productivity. 1. SPDeploy is a client side Read more [...]

I am sure most of the people will be knowing but this is for few crazy people like me who are always behind learning new things. Recently i ran into a scenario where i need to build a sharepoint project on a local machine (one which has windows XP and no SharePoint Server installed). Obviously the build will fail coz of missing reference's for Microsoft.SharePoint.dll. Since my sharepoint development server was down for some time i had to get the dll from my colleague. Given below are the steps to take a backup of a dll from the GAC or Assembly 1. To get dll from assembly, open run window and type “cmd” to open command window. 2. Navigate it to c:\windows\assembly in the command Read more [...]