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Recently when I was working on a web part which hosts a user control was throwing socket exception. I got stuck with this exception for almost 6hrs and finally figured out the main cause for this exception. It was a simple user control which was making a web request to a website and returning some data. The user control worked perfectly fine when I deploy it in an ASP.Net Application, but when I hosted this user control in SharePoint it started throwing Socket Exception “System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it”. Initially I thought this may be due to Firewall and have to open up port for that web application but the Read more [...]

Hi Friends The much awaited SharePoint 2010 beta version is now available for download publicly. You can download the beta version from the below link here. You need to sign in to download. SharePoint Designer 2010 and Office SharePoint Foundation Server 2010 Beta are also available for download. http://technet.microsoft.com/hi-in/evalcenter/ee388573.aspx Have updated the Sharepoint 2010 download link recently. Read more [...]

Recently we had a new server setup for SharePoint with Windows server 2008. I needed a publishing site for my new application, so I went to the Site Settings -> Site Collection Feature -> and clicked on activate Office SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure Feature. For a surprise I got an Access Denied Exception for the first time (Completely Shocked Since I never faced this before). I was curious to find out what were the exception details in the event viewer. The Event viewer showed the following exception details “Failed to provision the scheduling job definitions. Page scheduling will not succeed.” The fix for this exception is to change the Application Pool Temporarily. Read more [...]