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Recently I have been getting comments on my post Collapsible QuickLaunch SharePoint Menu For MOSS 2007/WSS 3.0 Using Jquery saying this is not working on SharePoint 2010 or is there any solution to get it working in SharePoint 2010. So here is the post that would describe how to achieve this in SharePoint 2010. The way quick launch is rendered in SharePoint 2010 is different from MOSS 2007/WSS. SharePoint 2010 uses DIV/UL/LI for rendering menu tags compared to TR/TD in the previous versions. The image below shows how the menu is typically rendered in SharePoint 2010. After doing some research I came to an approach of using Jquery to achieve this. Here is the article which is Read more [...]

It’s been long time I have posted any technical posts. This post would describe an alternate for RSS Reader Web part in Office 365. Last week I started to work on one of our client’s requirement to show RSS feed in Office 365. For surprise I came across few posts which indicated RSS Viewer Web Part is not supported. To start my research first I tried with RSS Reader Web part present in CodePlex written by phil wicklund. If you try to deploy this solution on cloud it would through error because of few limitations that I had posted here in my previous post. So I started to Google to check how to display RSS feeds in ASP.net which doesn’t use any web part concept. I ended up with Read more [...]

This blog post will brief you about that various limitations I faced during Office 365 Sandbox development. Sandbox limitations differ when it comes to cloud deployment compared to on premise deployment.You will find various blogs with Sandbox Limitations. This post would help you understand these limitations in a quick way, so that you can plan before you start your deployment. If you are a SharePoint Expert this blog would not help you much, but there are lots of Office 365 BeginnersJ.     1. The WSP package cannot deploy files to hive .i.e. file system. The possible option to uses document library to deploy your files 2. We can use Sandboxed Visual WebParts with some limitations Read more [...]