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There are scenarios where you would like to add list item to a folder/sub folder in a custom SharePoint list and many of you would like to achieve this using ECMA script/ JavaScript Client Object Model. Before we start with the code, i am assuming that you have enables Folder Content Types in a custom list and have also created a Folder in a list before the below snippet is executed. happy coding.. Read more [...]

There are scenarios were you would like to use Blog Template (any default site ) or custom site template as the default site template for the Root Site Collection instead of the regular Team Site In Office 365. By default when you subscribe a new Office 365 Subscription you will have team site as default root site collection.The steps below will guide you to create the root site collection with a custom blog site template. I have created a site using Blog template and created custom list in the site. After you have the necessity structure for the Blog site in place, save the Site as Site Template and download the Blog Template from the Solution gallery to your local PC. 1. Delete the default Read more [...]