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CAML Query builder is the favorite tool of SharePoint Developers. The much awaited CAML Query Builder for SharePoint 2010 is released and its termed as CAML Designer. Karine Bosch’s co-developed this tool with Andy Van. The newer version of tool is developed using WPF and support only SharePoint 2010. For more details of the tool you can visit here. Snap Shot Click to Download CAML Designer or CAML Query Builder for SharePoint 2010 Read more [...]

Recently we ran into an issue where Custom Forms Based Authentication was failing on MAC machine. The FBA was configured properly without any issues and is working like charm with Windows OS. Did few searches on Google and found that few of them have faced the issues but in a different scenario and following were the work around or fixes were suggested.       Most of them have either wrongly configured Form Based Authentication and on proper configuration   it started to work.      For few the Claims to Windows Token had stopped, and on restart of the services FBA started working.      Few also suggested the performing an IISRESET on the server solved their issues.   Read more [...]