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Anyone who has worked/working on SharePoint will understand the pain of SharePoint deployments Trust me it’s not that easy if you are planning to do everything manually.  In 7th edition of SharePoint Column I would like the readers to focus on how we can automate SharePoint deployments and save your time.  I will be pointing out awesome articles which is a must read for developers and leads as this will help you understand why and how to implement these in your projects. 1. I am sure you will be interested in understanding why would you automate a SharePoint deployment and their benefits? http://zimmergren.net/business/automating-sharepoint-development-iterative-development-process http://www.sharepointnutsandbolts.com/2011/06/sp2010-continuous-integrationpt-1.html 2. Read more [...]

From the launch of SharePoint 2013 we have been hearing and reading a lot about APPS. With an intention to reduce the load on SharePoint Server and improve the performance of the SharePoint sites Microsoft is encouraging the developer community to build apps using JavaScript. So when it comes to writing JavaScript do we need to be careful about the browser compatibility? Yes we have to be careful to a certain extent, but with the release of modern browsers and use of JavaScript frameworks like JQuery, Angular, Knockout etc. the browser compatibility issue is considerably reduced. The intention of this post is to help developer to decide which JavaScript library to be used based on their Read more [...]

It’s almost a year that I have been working extensively on SharePoint Foundation 2013 (a rare opportunity at least for me). I have been given a responsibility of building an Intranet with social features (Ex: Like, rating, profiles etc.) which are not available in SharePoint Foundation 2013, this makes it clear that I had to deal with lots of customization OOB and custom development using Visual Studio. As the development started we came across many unexpected things, I am not sure if they can be called as bugs or known issues or limitations, however In this post I would be listing down these which I feel might be helpful for others who are working on SharePoint Foundation 2013. By any chance Read more [...]

In SharePoint 2013 the people picker has revamped and now it supports auto complete. You will not see the address book and the resolve user button any more on the new form.aspx.  If you are looking for a short cut key to resolve the user you can still use Cntrl + K  key combination. What’s new with SharePoint 2013 people picker? In order to provide support for people picker in apps, Microsoft has come up with three new files as given below and is located in the 15 hive. clientform.js clientpeoplepicker.js autofill.js The above 3 files contains most of the functionality required to be performed by people picker. If you have not got a chance to see how the new people profile Read more [...]

Microsoft Community Contributor Profile Badge
I am very pleased to inform and mention that I got “Microsoft Community Contributor Badge” on July 12 - 2013 for the contributions to Microsoft online technical communities. Actually it’s always amazing that you are doing something and it’s recognized. I am feeling very happy and proud after receiving this badge from MICROSOFT. Definitely this recognition will inspire me to go forward and to contribute more. The snapshot of the mail from Microsoft is given below Profile Badge What is Microsoft Community Contributor Badge? This recognition is reserved for participants who made notable contributions in Microsoft online communities such as MSDN, TechNet and Microsoft Read more [...]