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Anyone who has worked/working on SharePoint will understand the pain of SharePoint deployments Trust me it’s not that easy if you are planning to do everything manually.  In 7th edition of SharePoint Column I would like the readers to focus on how we can automate SharePoint deployments and save your time.  I will be pointing out awesome articles which is a must read for developers and leads as this will help you understand why and how to implement these in your projects. 1. I am sure you will be interested in understanding why would you automate a SharePoint deployment and their benefits? http://zimmergren.net/business/automating-sharepoint-development-iterative-development-process http://www.sharepointnutsandbolts.com/2011/06/sp2010-continuous-integrationpt-1.html 2. Read more [...]

Hi guy’s it’s been a hectic month and it was really difficult for me to post any of my learning on my blog. So today I made a point to at least write a post on Column 5 section on some of the tools that I used this month and are really helpful for any SharePoint developers. Using these tools will not only reduce the development time but will also help you to understand how fast and easy we can develop applications in SharePoint 2013. So here we go 1.       Service App Starter Kit Visual Studio 2012 Using this starter kit you will be able to develop custom service application in SharePoint 2013. For more details check this link 2.       CKS – Dev for Visual Studio Read more [...]

Delivering a high performance application in SharePoint is quite challenging and most of the times you end up using many tools to figure out the reason behind the delay in Page Load. There can be many factors due to which the response is very slow, some of them are Hardware Configuration. Software Configuration for Load Balancing. Architecture of the SharePoint Farm. JavaScripts, CSS, Images and Html on the Page. Capacity Planning. Poor Server/Client side code. I/O activity on SQL server. The following tools are can help you in figuring out the causes of performance issues: Fiddler – a very handy and light weight tool that can provide quick overview of you web site Read more [...]

Finally the wait for CAML Designer 2013 is over. Karine Bosch’s and Andy Van Steenbergen have released the first version for SharePoint 2013. The brand new designer has a Metro style and the next version might have additional functionalities, so what are you waiting for go ahead and download it from the below link http://sharepoint.biwug.be/SitePages/Caml_Designer.aspx. Wanna see how it works check this out. http://karinebosch.wordpress.com/my-articles/caml-designer-for-SharePoint-2013/ Read more [...]

Recently I came across an amazing tool and i am  not sure if many people are aware of this tool, so thought why not blog about this. Note: This tool is an HTML 5 Applications and requires a browser that supports HTML 5. This tool his pretty hand for developers or administrators who doesn’t have much hands-on on PowerShell commands. You can find the tool here. PowerShell builder enables users to drag and drop commands on to the designer surface it provides. Let me drilldown into the various sections it provides in this tool. Design Surface: This sections consist of Verb, Noun, Required Fields, Optional Fields and the PowerShell Command View. Verbs: It defines the action Read more [...]