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Edition 4 : SharePoint 2013 Development Learning Series 2

In addition to my previous SharePoint 2013 Development Learning Series I would like to provide few more references that will help you understand the changes that has been take place in SharePoint 2013.

1.       http://www.wictorwilen.se/sharepoint-2013-personal-site-instantiation-queues-and-bad-throughput

As a developer you should know how my sites are provisioned in SharePoint 2013. Recently Wictor Wilen has blogged about how the My Sites or Personal sites have been rebuilt and how they are provisioned in SharePoint 2013.

2.       http://www.wictorwilen.se/sharepoint-2013-enabling-pdf-previews-with-office-web-apps-2013-march-2013-update

I am sure most of us are aware of PDF IFilters for SharePoint 2010, if you are not aware you can go through this link to know more details. In SharePoint 2013 this is supported natively and you might not have to fiddle with custom IFilters.

3.       http://www.ilovesharepoint.com/2012/07/building-aspnet-mvc-based-sharepoint.html

Building a SharePoint application using MVC model is always a challenge. In SharePoint 2013 you can build auto hosted SharePoint App MVC model. The above link explains with an example on hot to achieve this.

4.       http://blog.mastykarz.nl/building-global-navigation-sharepoint-2013/

In SharePoint 2010 you might have end up building custom navigation menu to have a common Global navigation across site collections. In SharePoint 2013 we have new feature called Managed navigation which can be used to address the common navigation. Waldek  as beautifully explained how we can implement this across site collection.

 5.       http://www.sharepointusecases.com/index.php/2012/12/use-case-automatically-importing-user-profile-pictures-to-sharepoint-2013-and-2010/

Importing Photos and thumbnail’s from Active directory to SharePoint is one of the common implementation that takes place in an organization.  This is pretty much same in SharePoint 2013, this post explains how you can utilize PowerShell to implement thumbnail import.

 You can have a look at the previous editions available here. Hope you enjoyed reading these articles. Please feel free to leave any feedback.


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