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Lync Presence Indicators in SharePoint 2013

I am sure most of us are aware of Lync Presence in SharePoint and I don’t have to tell about how it works and how it helps end users to get in touch with their colleagues or peers easily.

In this post I will be discussing about the different types of Lync presence indicators that can be shown in SharePoint 2013 and later in my next post I will be providing snippets on how can we display these Lync status indicators for a user.

Following are the different type of Lync presence indicators in SharePoint 2013

Lync Presence DefaultRender

1. LyncPresence DefaultRender

Lync Presence - WithPictureDetailView

2. Lync Presence – WithPictureDetailView

Lync Presence - WithPicture

3. Lync Presence – WithPicture

Lync Presence - PresenceOnly

4. Lync Presence – PresenceOnly

Lync Presence - PictureOnly

5. Lync Presence – PictureOnly

Given below is the summary of field shown in each of the presence types defined above.

Render Mode User Status User Name User Picture
DefaultRender Yes Yes No
WithPicture Yes Yes Yes
WithPictureDetails Yes Yes Yes
PictureOnly Yes No Yes
PresenceOnly Yes No No

Hi, do you know if there are any Sharepoint 2013 user controls for rendering PresenceControls like these from a asp.net user control?

Hi Øyvind,

I am not sure if there is any such user controls in SharePoint 2013 for rendering presence controls in asp.net user control. However there is one codeplex project which can help you to show lync presence in asp.net check this out

Hi, I want to display the current logged in user presence, how to pass the current user email into this, If i pass in java-script it is not loading anything, please help me to sort out this.

Hi Raghu,

I need to display the OCS(Office Communicator 2007 and 2007R2) presence for Site Users web part in SP 2013.
Could you please guide me.

Venkat babu

Hi Venkat, I would be glad to help you but unfortunately i don’t have OCS 2007/R2 replicate this, try to check if you ar e able to see the presence in OOB list on Create By or Modified By column, if its showing presence use developer toolbar and try to get the JS code for the same.

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