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In SharePoint 2013 the people picker has revamped and now it supports auto complete. You will not see the address book and the resolve user button any more on the new form.aspx.  If you are looking for a short cut key to resolve the user you can still use Cntrl + K  key combination. What’s new with SharePoint 2013 people picker? In order to provide support for people picker in apps, Microsoft has come up with three new files as given below and is located in the 15 hive. clientform.js clientpeoplepicker.js autofill.js The above 3 files contains most of the functionality required to be performed by people picker. If you have not got a chance to see how the new people profile Read more [...]
Microsoft Community Contributor Profile Badge
I am very pleased to inform and mention that I got “Microsoft Community Contributor Badge” on July 12 - 2013 for the contributions to Microsoft online technical communities. Actually it’s always amazing that you are doing something and it’s recognized. I am feeling very happy and proud after receiving this badge from MICROSOFT. Definitely this recognition will inspire me to go forward and to contribute more. The snapshot of the mail from Microsoft is given below Profile Badge What is Microsoft Community Contributor Badge? This recognition is reserved for participants who made notable contributions in Microsoft online communities such as MSDN, TechNet and Microsoft Read more [...]
In my previous post I gave an intro on the various presence indicators available in SharePoint 2013. In this post I will provide JavaScript snippets which are rendered by SharePoint to show the respective presence mode. You can use these snippets in Custom Web parts or Content Editor Web parts to show the respective user presence status. 1. Lync Presence –  DefaultRender 2. Lync Presence – WithPictureDetailView 3. Lync Presence – WithPicture 4. Lync Presence – PresenceOnly 5. Lync Presence – PictureOnly Points to Ponder If you are rendering presence for multiple/single user using the above snippets, make sure you Set the email id, image Read more [...]
I am sure most of us are aware of Lync Presence in SharePoint and I don’t have to tell about how it works and how it helps end users to get in touch with their colleagues or peers easily. In this post I will be discussing about the different types of Lync presence indicators that can be shown in SharePoint 2013 and later in my next post I will be providing snippets on how can we display these Lync status indicators for a user. Following are the different type of Lync presence indicators in SharePoint 2013 Given below is the summary of field shown in each of the presence types defined above. Render Mode User Status User Name User Picture DefaultRender Yes Yes No WithPicture Yes Yes Yes WithPictureDetails Yes Yes Yes PictureOnly Yes No Yes PresenceOnly Yes No No Read more [...]
Hi guy’s it’s been a hectic month and it was really difficult for me to post any of my learning on my blog. So today I made a point to at least write a post on Column 5 section on some of the tools that I used this month and are really helpful for any SharePoint developers. Using these tools will not only reduce the development time but will also help you to understand how fast and easy we can develop applications in SharePoint 2013. So here we go 1.       Service App Starter Kit Visual Studio 2012 Using this starter kit you will be able to develop custom service application in SharePoint 2013. For more details check this link 2.       CKS – Dev for Visual Studio Read more [...]