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Brief overview of SharePoint 2013 Developer Site Template

In SharePoint 2013 we have a new site template called Developer Site Template. I was pretty excited to know more about this template but was not able to get much info on the same so thought of posting a brief overview on this. (I would rather say my understanding of Developer Site TemplateJ.)

To start let us understand what is a Developer Site Template?

It is a site template which is used extensively for App development and you can only deploy apps for SharePoint to a Developer Site.n

How do I create a site using this template?

When you are creating a root site collection for a web application from Central Administration you can select Developer Site Template available under collaboration tab.

Developer Site Template

Developer Site Template

How does it help for creating App?

If you are planning to do remote development/deployment like in the cases were VS2012 and SharePoint 2013 are not installed on the same computer you will be needing a root site collection created using Developer Site Template. (If VS2012 and SharePoint 2013 are on the same computer this is not required.)

What Remote Development and Deployment?

Yes you heard it right VS2012 supports deploying of sandbox solutions to a remote SharePoint site. When you create a SharePoint 2013 Project using VS2012 you will get an option to publish to a remote SharePoint Site when you right click on the SharePoint Project as shown below

Publishing Option from Visual Studio 2012

Remote Publishing from Visual Studio 2012

If you are looking for a step by step approach for remote publishing you can check this post written by Faisal. The post is nicely written and also explain about how to use performance wizard for profiling using visual studio 2012.

So how can I try this out if  you don’t have SharePoint environment?

No issues you can sign up for Office 365 developer site and with the help of Visual Studio 2012 you can deploy apps from your local machine to SharePoint Online

There are couple of new site templates available in SharePoint 2013, if you are looking for overview of site templates available in SharePoint you can go through this post written by Lydia Bronze @ CloudShare community blog.

Feel free to provide and suggestions or feedback on this post.


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There are major improvements across the board in SharePoint 2013 in every feature and function

Venkatesh Kadiri

To deploy SharePoint Apps to SharePoint 2013 online site, do I need to create a developer site? I don’t find any Developer Site template in SharePoint online. So is this site template available only on on-prem installations?

Hi venkatesh, the template is also available on SharePoint online provided you have E3 or E4 subscription plan. For more details check this link

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