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Column 5

Let me introduce you to Column 5 of SharePoint Column. I know it’s very difficult to be in pace with the evolving SharePoint versions and it’s increasing features. So I read a lot of SharePoint articles written by amazing SharePoint ‘Gurus’ to catch up on the latest developments in the world of SharePoint.

Cloumn 5 is a collection of such articles, links, references and resources that I have gone through and feel that they might be of relevance to SharePoint column readers.

@Column 5 posts will be rolled out to the readers in the form of ‘editions’. Each edition will include 5 links to SharePoint articles. This page of Column 5 will always be updated with the editions posted @SharePointColumn.

Please feel free to provide any links for these editions and if you are interested to write an edition or post an article @SharePointColumn drop me a mail at raghu@SharePointColumn.com or leave a comment on the SharePointColumn Facebook page here.

Edition 1 : WOPI Client in SharePoint 2013

Edition 2 : SharePoint 2013 Development Learning Series

Edition 3 : Feature and Edition Comparisons for SharePoint 2013 with SharePoint 2010

Edition 4 : SharePoint 2013 Development Learning Series 2

Edition 5 : SharePoint 2013 Developer Tools

Edition 6 : Angular JS versus Knockout JS

Edition 7: Automating SharePoint builds with Continuous Integration


Good Stuff !

Column 5 is Cool!.

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