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Edition 2 : SharePoint 2013 Development Learning Series

SharePoint 2013 has many enhancements and some cool new features. In this post I will be providing references to five such development post series which will help you to understand and extend SharePoint 2013 features.

1. Building Internet facing Site in SharePoint 2013

Waldek Mastykarz has written couple of posts which explains how Mavention has used SharePoint 2013 to build internet facing site. It also explains how authoring is handles in SharePoint 2013. For more details go through the below post.


You can download the case study for upgrade from SharePoint 2010 to 2013 from here

2. Leveraging or using C# 4.0 or .net framework 4.0 with SharePoint 2013

With SharePoint 2013 we can leverage .net framework 4.0 for developing custom web parts or perform operations associated to SPListItemCollection. Using 4.0 we can build or develop performance oriented webparts. To know more how we can leverage this Stephane Eyskens’s has written excellent series. For more details go through the below post.


3. Building SharePoint AutoHosted Apps in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 has come up with App Model, using this approach will help us to integrate SharePoint with services which can address user needs. Chakkaradeep as written few posts that will help you get started with SharePoint Hosted Apps. For more details go through the below post.


4. Building Apps using CSOM and Rest Services

Ted Pattison as written couple of articles that will help you to understand how to use CSOM and REST API’s with Apps. For further details go through the below link.


5. Building Mobile application with SharePoint 2013/2010

Stephane Eyskens’s has written excellent articles which explains in depth how to design and build SharePoint Application for Mobile devices. For more details go through the below link.


You can have a look at the previous editions available here

Hope you enjoyed reading these articles. Please feel free to leave any feedback :)


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