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My Plans for the year 2014

I am sure everyone had a good time celebrating Christmas and New Year and I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year (better late than never :)).

I have been thinking from past 1 week about what different things I need to do this year and how I can help the SharePoint community in much better way. I have come up with few things which I would like to take up this year and will share at the end of this post.

Recap of 2013

  1. Migrated my blog from http://moss-solutions.blogspot.in to  www.sharepointcolumn.com.
  2. Received my first Microsoft Community Contributor Award.
  3. Achieved 5K points in MSDN Forums.
  4. Extensive work on SharePoint Foundation 2013 at ITC Infotech.
  5. Privileged to get my first Spot Award for Technical Leadership in the Month of November 2013 at ITC Infotech.
  6. Bought my first Windows 8 phone i.e. Nokia Lumia 925 and I am just loving it.
  7. Finally started using Twitter :), I must admit this was long due from my end and believe me it’s very powerful and addictive.

SharePoint Inspirations 2013

I do read a lot of blog posts and the one which I feel might help others have added it to my Column 5 section. Given below are few of them from whom l learnt a lot and are my 2013 inspirations.

  1. Marc D Anderson – @sympmarc
  2. Stephane Eyskens  – @stephaneeyskens
  3. Trevor Seward – @NaupliusTrevor
  4. Waldek Mastykarz  – @waldekm
  5. Wictor Wilen – @wictor

Plans for 2014

Hopefully I will manage to get some time this year and give a try to do things differently.

  1. Knowledge sharing session @ ITC Infotech and local community events.
  2. Writing a blog post series.
  3. Creating videos on SharePoint 2013-2010.
  4. Achieve 10K points in MSDN Forums and try to retain the Microsoft Community Contributor award – believe me it’s not that easy you need a lot of commitment and time.
  5. Exploring Yammer , Office Apps & SharePoint Online.
  6. Back to SP 2013 Enterprise Edition and learn & Implement new features.
  7. And Off course SharePoint 2013 Certifications.

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