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SharePoint Foundation 2013 known limitations or Issues

It’s almost a year that I have been working extensively on SharePoint Foundation 2013 (a rare opportunity at least for me). I have been given a responsibility of building an Intranet with social features (Ex: Like, rating, profiles etc.) which are not available in SharePoint Foundation 2013, this makes it clear that I had to deal with lots of customization OOB and custom development using Visual Studio.

As the development started we came across many unexpected things, I am not sure if they can be called as bugs or known issues or limitations, however In this post I would be listing down these which I feel might be helpful for others who are working on SharePoint Foundation 2013. By any chance if there are few more apart from the one listed below please feel free to leave a comments so that I can include them in list below.

Issue 1: The trial period for this product has expired or Secure Store Shared Service is not supported for this SKU.

Details: This error is related to Secure Store Service Application. When you navigate Service Application in CA and click on Secure Store Service the above message shows up. I had posted a query on the on MSDN forums here. None of the solutions worked for me


Sorry something went wrong

Issue 2: 0 likes in Search result page.

Details: SharePoint Foundation 2013 doesn’t support like OOB, however when you perform a search and the search result has discussions board items you will end up seeing 0 likes in the search result page as shown below.


0 likes in search result

Issue 3:  Display search box property of list web parts doesn’t work.

Details: SharePoint 2013 Standard or Enterprise provides a provision for you to search with in a list using the Search Box above the list view. You can achieve this by enabling Display Search Box on the lists.  This option does exist in SharePoint Foundation 2013 but doesn’t work.

Issue 4: Cannot complete this action” – Exception during reverting back from custom view created for discussion boards to the OOB default view i.e. Subject view.

Details:  Due to some scenarios we had to create default custom view for discussion boards based on OOB Subject view. During development we ended up many times reverting back to OOB Subject view as default, while performing this operation i.e.  Navigate to Subject view, select the checkbox – makes this as default view and click ok and you might get an exception cannot complete this action as shown below.


Error on reverting back from custom subject view to OOB Subject View

Note: The above mentioned issues were noticed on SharePoint Foundation 2013 farm  with Windows Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008 R2. Let me know if any of these are not noticed in your environment.

It would be very helpful if the experts in the community provide there opinions about the above issues.


Did you ever get issue 1 resolved? I am having the same issue with my SP Enterprise 2013 environment.

Hi Jonathan S,
The issue 1 is not yet resolve on my SP 2013 Foundation environment, however i don’t have this issue on SP2013 Enterprise environment, try running configuration wizard again and check if it resolves your issue.

Our internal site runs on WSS3.0 and we using Contact Management free template (One of 40 free temlates). But this template does not work on SharePoint Foundation 2013. Have you had experience of solving with such issues or issue 3 in this article?

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