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Soft Launch of SharePoint Bangalore User Group

Feb 14th 2014 marks an important day for all SharePoint fans in and around Bangalore. This is for people who love working, exploring and sharing SharePoint. I am pleased to share the Soft Launch of SharePoint Bangalore User Group.

Brief about SharePoint Bangalore Group (SPBangalore)


This is a virtual group available to share SharePoint related topics. We plan to conduct both In-Person and Online webinars in association with BDOTNET group.

This group will meet the needs for
1) SharePoint Developers
2) SharePoint Administrators
3) SharePoint End-Users / Power Users
4) Office 365 deployments

(We are part of BDOTNET / BITPRO – User Group family)

Community Events:

The whole and sole purpose of this group is to share our knowledge of SharePoint with the other community members. So here is how we plan to achieve this.

1.       Online Webinars

Here we present sessions using Google Hangouts & You Tube, we are yet to explore on other option available. If you guys have any better way of achieving this please share with us.

2.       In Person Meets

Here we present sessions in person i.e. face to face with the community members, this will help us to know each other very well and I personally feel this would be more effective because of easy interaction with the speakers.

Communication Platform:

We have a dedicated SharePoint Facebook group name SPBANGALORE . This platform will be used as mode of communication with members for all events and webinars.

Content Sharing:

Content sharing is always a challenge between the Members of the community group. We are still in the planning phase of how the contents like Presentations/Code/Videos (Online events or webinars) will be shared with the community. The probable options are

  1. OneDrive (popularly known as skydrive)
  2. YouTube
  3. File Sharing section of Facebook Group

Want to Contribute or help the SPBANGALORE Community?

                We are looking forward for speakers and volunteers who can help us to support/run this community in any possible form like presenting session’s online/in person, organizing community meets etc.

Point of Contact:

You can get in touch with me at @rhshanbhag or Kamlesh Rao at @kamleshrao or you can leave a comment/post at SPBANGALORE Facebook group.

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